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Blue-Green Algae Returns To Frensham Big Pond

Visitors to Frensham Great Pond and Common are being warned not to enter the water at the big pond due to high levels of blue-green algae. Waverley Borough Council was notified about the high levels of blue-green algae by the Environment Agency, late this afternoon (Friday 30 June). Signage instructing visitors to avoid contact with the algae and warning people not to enter the water will be up on site until further notice.

Blue-green algae are a natural component of a freshwater ecosystem, but their presence is potentially harmful to humans, animals, birds and fish. Periods of warm weather followed by heavy rain and then further warm, still conditions cause blue-green algae to appear suddenly. There is no way of removing the algae from the water once it is established. Although not all species of blue-green algae are harmful, Waverley Borough Council recommends that people avoid the algal bloom as it can cause ill health such as dermatitis, eye irritation, rashes, blistering, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and nausea through skin, eye contact or if swallowed. Should anyone believe that they have been affected by blue-green algae, they should seek medical advice or in the case of their pets, veterinary advice. Waverley is monitoring the situation closely and will keep the public informed through its website and social media channels.

Frensham Village Breakfast

Please come and join us! – Saturday 1st July 2017 – 8.15am

The village breakfast, or more commonly known as ‘The Great Frensham Toast Off’ is held in St Mary’s church hall on Saturday mornings four or five times a year. It runs from 8.15 – 9.30 am.

It’s an informal friendly gathering for local people of all ages to socialise with residents old and new and catch up with local issues over tea and toast.
Set up and run by Frensham parish councillor, Fiona Scimone with super duper help from co-pilots Richard and their son, Louie. Richard kindly supplies us with delicious sourdough breads and jams from his bakery.

Our most recent breakfast on the 20th May was very well attended with a lovely range of ages.

We have another coming up on Saturday 1st July Please come and join us!.


Art workshop to launch our St. Mary’s Red Phone Box Gallery

Frensham Summer Fayre, June 17th 2017

We’d like you all to be part of the very first St. Mary’s exhibition!

Come along to the F.P.C marquee and draw, collage, or write into a postcard-sized outline of a mobile phone which we will have ready for you to work on. Your work will then be exhibited in our classic 1935 ‘K6’ Sir Gilbert Scott phone box.

The theme : Your favourite things about Frensham!

It’s up to you how you interpret this as long as it fits on our postcard format. You may have memories of queuing outside the box [yes, young people we shared these three phones between us all!, ] your stories of local people, drawings inspired by/ of the local landscape, poetry, etc.

You could use contemporary photos from your mobile as a source to work from or bring along a copy of that old photo of mods and rockers gathering on the green….

Bring along any materials you may like to use- we’ll have some basic drawing pencils/pens/glue/scraps for collage.

Artists Angela Shaw, Morwenna Lake and Fiona Scimone will be on hand to guide and advise.

About our new Frensham gallery….

We will soon be hosting several shows a year in our little red cube.

It will be a community led art space and we are delighted to have several artists already putting forward proposals for future projects. Angela, Morwenna, Fiona and Graham make up the curatorial team.

Please get in touch with Fiona Scimone at Frensham Parish Council if you would like to get involved.

Graham Mollart, June 2017


Contact details:

Morwenna Lake:

Fiona Scimone :

Tesco Bags for Help Update

We are delighted to announce a successful application for Tesco Bags of Help and we have been awarded £1,000. The Parish Council are hoping to use this funding to purchase a new bin and bench for the Hollowdene Recreation Ground.

We thank you all for your support and will update further when the new pieces are in situ.

Chairman’s Annual Report 2016-17

The Chairman’s Annual Report is now available to read – Parish Council – Agendas and Minutes, click here to go directly to the page.

The Annual Assembly is on Wednesday 12th April at 7.30pm at the Marindin Hall.


Frensham Parish Survey 2016

The full results of last year’s questionnaire survey of all households in the Parish, undertaken by Surrey Community Action,  may be read here.

Tesco Bags of Help – Frensham Bins – Keep it Clean – Bag it and Bin it

Frensham Parish Council submitted an application to fund more bins, benches and picnic tables on the Recreation Ground. Our project will be voted on by the public who shop at Tesco during the month of December in the stores listed below.

The more votes we get, the more money we get. Out of 3 choices, the one receiving the most votes will get £5,000, the second gets £2,000 and the third £1,000.

Please tell your family and friends!

These are the Tesco stores where you can place a vote for our project – Frensham Bins – Keep it Clean – Bag it and Bin it :-
Farnham Ridgeway Road Express (not voting until 17 December when it re-opens)
Farnham Hale Express
Fleet Esso Express
Fleet Ancells Farm Express
Yateley Esso Express
Sandhurst Yorktown Rd Express
Darby Green Express, Blackwater
Blackwater London Express
Sandhurst Extra
Farnborough Cove Rd Express
Aldershot Superstore
Ash Vale Lysons Ave Express
Balmoral Drive Camberley Express
Chobham Station Rd Express

New charges at Surrey’s community recycling centres

If you’re planning any DIY or building work at home, make sure you’re aware that from 1 September 2016 there will be new charges for some non-household waste at the nine community recycling centres which accept it.

Charges will apply for waste from construction, alterations or repair of your home or garden, such as plasterboard, breeze blocks, bricks, rubble and soil. A charge will also apply for tyres from cars and motorbikes. You can only pay by credit or debit card.

The introduction of charges is being made as increased demand for essential services, coupled with reduced government funding, means Surrey County Council needs to reduce its spending in other areas, including its CRCs.

A full list of the types of waste that will be charged for, the costs and your free allowance is available at

Print CRC changes leaflet by clicking here

CRC changes leaflet-Page 1

CRC changes leaflet-Page 2

If you are concerned about Waverley’s proposed development at Frensham Great Pond here’s your chance to do something!

Untitled1Please write to :

General Manager of The Surrey Hills Estate National Trust
Warren Farm Barns   Headley Lane   Mickleham   DORKING   RH56DG

Waverley need the consent of the National Trust and he is awaiting your letters/emails with your concerns and is keen to assess how people feel before making any decision. (Prefers letters) Cut off date 11/06/2016


1 Detrimental impact of increased visitor numbers on SPECIAL PROTECTION AREA & SITE OF SPECIAL SCIENTIFIC INTEREST.  Negative effect on wildlife populations and habitats.  Compromising a rare site in the topography of the British Isles.
2 The large size and style of the new building.  Does not blend in.  Unsympathetic to its surrounds and unimaginative.  Unnecessary.  Contradicts the good design employed by the National Trust at their other sites.
3 Unacceptable commercialisation. Cost being put above value. Incorrect use of limited public money.
4 Play area in a semi wild location. This is not a park. Alice Holt and plenty of other parks for children to go to.  The Common gives children a chance to explore the natural world away from imposed distractions and structures.
5 Increased car park charges and extension of car park.  Unfair on those who cannot take their family abroad and who come to the ponds to swim and have a picnic staying within the beach area in the summer.

Suggestions as to what is acceptable. Council say the present building has asbestos, too small and costs them money to keep up. Any ideas?
(please be aware they have said the build would always have to be subsidised anyway).

Please make the effort to contact DAVID KENNINGTON in the next two weeks if this is important to you!  Cut off date 11/06/2016

Frensham Parish Council 2016/17

All parish councils are required by The Local Government Act 1972 to hold an Annual Parish Council Meeting during May each year at which, among other things, a Chairman must be elected by councillors for the coming year. FPC also elects a Vice-Chairman at this meeting. The composition of committees is agreed; representatives to outside bodies are appointed; and co-optees and other supporters of the Council are identified and welcomed.

This year’s meeting on 18th May was an unusual one in that, for the first time in fourteen years, Mike Millerchip did not stand as Chairman. In the event, Dick Beales, who was the Vice-Chairman last year, was elected as Chairman for the coming council year, and Pam Andrews was elected as Vice-Chairman**. After his election Dick paid tribute to Mike’s long chairmanship during which the Council had been involved in a number of significant events in the parish, culminating in the opening of the Community Building and Village Shop in 2011 and the Tilford and Rushmoor Tennis Club in 2014.

Although the Council comprises three councillors elected for the Rushmoor Ward of the parish and four for the Frensham Ward, all councillors represent the interests of the whole community. This year’s Council looks like this:

Chairman: Dick Beales
Vice-Chairman: Pam Andrews
David Fairhead
Ian McLean
Mike Millerchip
Bryn Morgan
Fiona Scimone

Others, whose offers to contribute their expertise/services to the Council have been gratefully accepted, include: Guy Olden (Co-opted to Planning Committee); Len Davis (Adviser to the Finance Committee); Pam Shipp (Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator); Sue Green (Website Manager); and Colin Hall (CPRE).

We would very much like to hear from anybody else who might be prepared to contribute relevant professional skills, interests or experience to the Council’s work, either on an ‘as-needed’ or a regular basis.

We have also recently welcomed Stephanie Spence as part-time Administrative Assistant to our Parish Clerk, Kate Shipton ( Tel: 01252 793002). Stephanie also works part-time as Clerk to Greatham Parish Council.

If you would like to know more about your Parish Council, its councillors and how to contact them, or what its duties and responsibilities are, this information and much else besides can be found on the Council’s website at:

Remember that your councillors are elected representatives rather than volunteers, although of course they are neither paid nor receive any allowances. As their role is to serve the interests of the community, they welcome constructive suggestions as to how the Council might help to improve the quality of life and environment in the parish. Residents are therefore encouraged to identify their councillors and to engage with them on any issues of concern or where they have suggestions that they would like the Council to consider.

You are also reminded that meetings of the Council and its committees are open to the public. Dates of meetings are published on the four parish notice boards (Hollowdene, Shortfield Common, St Mary’s Church and Rushmoor) and on the website.

Within the next couple of months, all residents in Frensham civil parish will be sent a questionnaire in the post, under the auspices of Surrey Community Action and the Parish Council. This seeks to get a better understanding of actual local housing need within the parish, and to provide updated information that will help us with the revision of the Village Design Statement. We urge everybody to take part in this survey.

** Before we get complaints, please note that Pam is happy to continue with the traditional use of the word ‘chairman’. If you want to be formal, doubtless ‘Madam Vice-Chairman’ would do!

Frensham Parish Council