Sandy Lane

Rushmoor tidy-up

box1 On Saturday 18th July, three volunteers took part in a tidy-up of Rushmoor.  The phone box was given a wash down and eight bags of litter were picked up along the straight. Amongst the haul was a VW hub cap, a front bumper and a rear parcel shelf. Does nobody miss this stuff? Of particular note was a prize haul of empty Red Bull cans, obviously thrown out of a car window by someone at the same place each time he (or she) drives past. How nice that they see our village as one giant dustbin! rubbish

Sandy Lane Box Gets Its Windows Back


August 2013.  All the glass that had been removed from the box was washed and carefully wrapped to guard from breakages, and replacement panes ordered from our friends at Unicorn.  Glazing sealant was purchased and now, finally, the box has had all of its missing glass replaced. Over the years, BT had replaced broken panes with an unbreakable (bulletproof!) polycarbonate that, whilst having the advantage of low maintenance, also became cloudy and discoloured over time.  This has now all been swapped for toughened glass. The finishing touch was a coat of gloss black on the footing at the bottom of the casting.  Once again, a number of local residents stopped to give their support for the project. The picture shows John Oxley and David Fairhead peering through some of the new glazing frames before they are fitted.

Sandy Lane Update

June 2013. Over the weekend,the Sandy Lane box was given a second coat of GPO Red by two volunteers.  We also fixed the door closing mechanism, which means that the door is no longer held shut by a cable tie!  Next step is to clean the windows up and then reinstall them with copious amounts of sealant.

A New Coat of Paint

May 2013 – Over the weekend of the 25th/26th May, a team of 11 volunteers – young and old – gave the Sandy Lane box its first coat of Post Office Red in quite a few years.  The younger team members even managed to get some of their paint on the box!  We also removed a lot of the glass and interior beading, so that it can be cleaned up and then refitted with new sealant. This is to stop moisture building up and rusting the cast iron frames. These will be refitted over the coming weeks.  We received many appreciative comments and words of support from local residents and passers by. Thanks to all those who were able to help.