St Mary’s

Red Cube

Mixed Messages – Louise Scillitoe-Brown

This installation plays with mixing colours and filtering light.

Some work with the primary colours: magenta, cyan and process yellow. These combine as they overlap creating green, purple and orange. The mirrors at the back reflect the view opposite filtered through the segmented colours.

There are several mirrors so you should be able to see the sections of colour, reflection of the view opposite and possibly yourself, whatever your height.

The other filters are made up of ‘pre-mixed’ colours: orange, ultramarine, scarlet, green; which when combined either filter-out the light completely or make brown. That is because all the colours in the spectrum will have been blocked.

A large mirror at the bottom both bounces the light and reflects the whole installation making it look as if it disappears though the bottom of the phone box.

Much of my work is made from recycled and surplus materials and when using new materials, I re-use them wherever I can. You will see reference notes, registration marks and fixings on the circles showing their history. Have a look on my website to see if you can identify where they have been used before.

I am fascinated with light and colour and how light carries information through the ether into our eyes and ears to be interpreted by the mind.




Art workshop to launch our St. Mary’s Red Phone Box Gallery

Frensham Summer Fayre, June 17th 2017

We’d like you all to be part of the very first St. Mary’s exhibition!

Come along to the F.P.C marquee and draw, collage, or write into a postcard-sized outline of a mobile phone which we will have ready for you to work on. Your work will then be exhibited in our classic 1935 ‘K6’ Sir Gilbert Scott phone box.

The theme : Your favourite things about Frensham!

It’s up to you how you interpret this as long as it fits on our postcard format. You may have memories of queuing outside the box [yes, young people we shared these three phones between us all!, ] your stories of local people, drawings inspired by/ of the local landscape, poetry, etc.

You could use contemporary photos from your mobile as a source to work from or bring along a copy of that old photo of mods and rockers gathering on the green….

Bring along any materials you may like to use- we’ll have some basic drawing pencils/pens/glue/scraps for collage.

Artists Angela Shaw, Morwenna Lake and Fiona Scimone will be on hand to guide and advise.

About our new Frensham gallery….

We will soon be hosting several shows a year in our little red cube.

It will be a community led art space and we are delighted to have several artists already putting forward proposals for future projects. Angela, Morwenna, Fiona and Graham make up the curatorial team.

Please get in touch with Fiona Scimone at Frensham Parish Council if you would like to get involved.

Graham Mollart, June 2017


Contact details:

Morwenna Lake:

Fiona Scimone :

Phone box outside St Mary’s school repaired

St Mary's box windows fixedA volunteer has repaired the phone box outside St. Mary’s school. Two panes of glass that had been vandalised have been replaced, the box swept out, windows cleaned and the outside given a much needed wash down. As part of the Frensham Red Phone Box Project run by the parish council, this box will become an art gallery and display space curated by councillor Fiona Scimone. The project is financed by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

St. Mary’s Box Gets Its Door Back

St Mary's box new door 720

June 2013. The new door has been put back into the St. Mary’s box by two volunteers.  This was to replace the old one which had rotted at the bottom and warped, meaning that it no longer closed properly.  Eagle-eyed readers will note that the colour doesn’t match… that’s because the door is still in its primer.  The box is scheduled to be painted this month, and once that’s done, the glass will be cleaned up and put back in.