Telephone Boxes – Work in progress

In response to a parishioner who was concerned about the progress of works, here’s an update of where we are to date:

April 2013 – St. Mary’s door taken to Unicorn by two volunteers and exchanged for another that’s been repaired. Here’s a panoramic view of the Unicorn depot:

Unicorn Phone Boxes 1000

April 2013 – Exterior of Sandy Lane Box wire brushed, sanded and all bare metal primed by three volunteers.  Laurel cut back (again!)



March 2013 – fitting of the restored door to the Sandy Lane box by two volunteers.

March 2013 – removal of damaged door from the St. Mary’s box by two volunteers. All perspex windows also taken out, in readiness for painting.

Winter 2012/13 – Sandy Lane box replacement door stripped, broken windows replaced and timber repaired.  Door primed and painted. Work carried out by one volunteer.

Winter 2012 – New paint ordered and delivered from Unicorn.

Summer 2012 – works on Sandy Lane box hampered by bad weather and availability of volunteers.  Paint delivered to the British Legion so that they can carry out their own painting.

July 2012 – concrete retaining wall at St. Mary’s box constructed, by two volunteers (This was to prevent future ingress of earth from the hedge, which had been the source of the damp)

May 2012 – St. Mary’s box tidied up by one volunteer.  Vegetation cut back and the earth bank dug out.  This had allowed damp to penetrate into the wooden frame of the door, warping it and preventing it from shutting.

May 2012 – Sandy Lane box washed down, and tidied up by four volunteers. Overhanging vegetation cut back and disposed of and the earth bank dug out to prevent corrosion to the bottom of the box.  Also, it can be seen that the box has been tilted slightly – Tower of Pisa style! – by the roots from the big Scot’s Pine to the right of the box.

March 2012 – Two volunteers collect replacement glass, glazing frames, various fittings, paint and primer from Unicorn Kiosks in Reigate.

October 2011 – All 3 boxes surveyed by fellow phone box restorer Kevin Davis from Brookwood.  His advice informs our purchase of spares.

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